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logo “Lykeio ton Ellinidon Serron” is a non-governmental club, constituted during 1957, in Serres of Greece. Since then, it has been involved in every religious, cultural, national and social activity of our region.

Since its constitution, its bill of rights includes (a) the uplift of the Greek woman inside the society and (b) the rescue and the spread of the local and national cultural tradition, regarding dancing, singing etc.
In order to save and spread our folkloric culture, it has created a wide wardrobe including more than 600 costumes from many different regions of Greece, most of them authentic.

Thousands of kids, young people and adults from our city have participated in our groups, learning from our teachers not only how to dance and sing our traditional music, but also how to love it and try to pass it forward to others. Today, apart from all the previous groups there is also a women’s choir.

Since 1970, the children of our club have been participating to some of the greater feasts of popular culture, inside and outside our country and have distinguished (for example, 2nd price in Dison-France, 1973, 1st price in Mechelen-Belgium, 1976, 1st price in Trapani-Italy, 1983, 1st price in Chateauneuf-du-Faou-France, 1987).

From Australia to the USA and from Egypt to the UK, the youngsters of our dancing groups have become ambassadors of the Greek cultural traditions.
Since 1960 until today, we have also been reviving old traditions from the region of Serres, like “Klidona”, “Xelidonismata”, “Lazarines”, “Gaitanaki”, and local carols for many different times of the year.

For all its activities, the “Lykeio ton Ellinidon Serron” has been praised form the local society and from many different organizations around the country.

In order to continue passing forward the knowledge of our traditions to the youngest, the teachers, the members and the council of the Lykeio ton Ellinidon Serron is continuing to work hard, with love and lust for its primary objectives.

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